Monday, November 2, 2015

Speed Up Minecraft Trick 2

In this trick what you will need to do is defrag your hard drive.

How does this work?

Well, and easy way to explain this is imagine this scenario. You have a shoe rack that holds all of your shoes in one place. Imagine that all pairs of shoes are mixed in and that for example to get one pair of shoes you have to get one from the top and one from the bottom which is time consuming.

Now, if you were to defrag your shoe rack then all the shoes would be together side by side and you can pick them up with one hand.

This method will help speed up minecraft without having to upgrade your video card. It's recommened that you defrag at least once a month to keep everything optimized.

I've compiled a list of free defrag software below:

• CCleaner
• DeFraggler
• IOBIT Defragger

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